Week XXIII sit and listen part 1

The assignment was to take 24 – 48 hours or more and be alone with no electronics, etc….in my solitude,  I found I revised my blueprint again! Those quiet hours has spark the desire to do this again. Next time with more alone time and a place to dig deeper still….

Using the Law of Least Effort, in ACCEPTANCE it says           Today I accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I know that this moment is as it should be…I accept things as the are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

EVERYTHING is as it SHOULD BE. Then, any struggles I had with friends & loved ones, my life, work, or concerns simply  made no sense! All the energy and years I have exchanged for my peace of mind were stolen & robbed me of living fully…then what would happen if “let it GO!”  You may have heard this, “Let go and let God!” Like the earthquake shaking the ground underfoot, and  the prison foundation crumbled, and the chains fell off!

I was totally released, & completely engulfed in love. PURE PEACE entered in rereading and silently thinking what this meant. How this changed everything I held as true. I observe the world I live in and  I have no opinions…the empty space within my head, no longer squirreling around to figure out unsolved problems, ~  I had focus and more power…to do what I was made to do!

This commitment to follow the path of no resistance is a principle of harmony & love. Now to take the next word in this Law of Least Effort….Responsibility

Week 22A the wheel within

The Great Isaiah Scroll from Qumran

In Og Mandino’s, Scroll # IV, the statement reads  ‘I  master my  emotion’. Like the calendar of seasons and even nature our emotions may rise, wane, or fade. But the one truth about these moods, like the weather, they change from one moment to another.  The hope to remember is, no matter how extreme the FEELINGS, they pass and may bring in unsurpassing high of joy. In patient bring much wisdom.

Be the observer of what I’m thinking: I control my emotions.

How do I make each and every day productive? “Unless my mood is right, the day will be a failure.  I make my own weather within me”. What emotion am I choosing to partner with? I can bring joy, enthusiasm, brightness & laughter and my harvest will reap what I sow!

May this awareness of my responsibility be always visible.

Today I master my emotions.

“Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. I follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity & failure–” Remember there is an opposite mood that is contrary to it. Like Depressed would be to Singing. Saddness is to Laughter,  if feelings of ill then take action & double my labor, if poverty think of wealth to come. Never relinquish my control– NO EXCUSE.

Realize the opposite emotions may be present, where I act in overindulgence, complacency, feelings of all-powerful, or wealth, pride & feelis of invincible! Here I use humility, service, and gratitude to rule… and in this day I master my emotions.

Lastly, I make allowances for others. For their anger, their reactions as a irritation or insults for they know not “the secret of controlling their mind.” And remember, I know tomorrow they may change their mind….and “be a joy to approach.”

Recognize, identify, and be prepared in my daily personal awakenings, in this, I master my moods and positive action is my source of power…with it, I control my destiny. In this control I become master of myself. I become great.

Week XXII Frozen Fractals Week XXII A

photograph by alistair campbell alliec on deviantart

My spiritual seed was planted in soil of my choice  LOVE, TRUTH, HONESTY, FAITH, HOPE…and I really did this years ago accepting Christ, in which I realized, I replanted my seed in life-giving soil! The reality of this change tremendously changed me.

This week in MKMMA, I focused on the word VIBRATION.

#4 If there is any physical condition which it is necessary to change, the law governing visualization will be found effective. Make a mental image of physical perfection, hold it in the mind until it is absorbed by the consciousness.

Winter, which I LOVE playing in whether its hiking, skiing or snowshoeing. Whatever. Just being outside in the fresh air invigorates me. Renewed me and a thrills ran through my body. In my twenties, living in a cabin at 4,000 ft I knew winter intimately. It’s freezing & thawing yarns loving the crystals and icicles. Embracing the days of warm sun through  mountains of white freshly fallen snow. That BLUE SKY vibrated whatever I looked at. I lived for those moments of silence hearing the crunch of my steps, the bite of the cold, and taste of crystals to cool off hot drinks.

But this winter, the continuous frozen temperatures which were constantly dipping below zero and the ICE from downpours of rain, made it hazardous to even WALK outdoors. But what really topped it off was living in COLD. Always cold. Never being able to warm up.  I had imagine winter but NOT the purchase of wet wood to heat with! At first unknown, burning the wood in late fall we had no idea what was ahead.  But now 5 months later its still freezing…that when I realized how to use this weeks’ reading! It states in #5  It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises this control over the body….Therefore, any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of lie cells.  I was deep, down through and through CHILL to my bones. Not warm….and needed to mental change my thought.

So as reading in #6 Change the rate of vibration and you change the nature, quality and form….We can change the vibration and thus produce any condition which we desire to manifest in our bodies. Bam! That’s it! Using my energy within I’ve concentrated on how I was thinking. Bringing it warmth and  now even the days seems longer! I love breaking thru this idea of temperature to warm myself….instead the the daylight is streaming through the windows and the warmth of  sunshine runs through me filling me with vibrations of light! Exercising, smiling at the wet burning wood in the stove knowing I’ve got what it takes to bring in the SPRING.

Making GOOD VIBRATIONS a habit of choice. Truly living in the temperatures I desire AND loving each day I’ve been given! April 2010 088

Week XXI To live by ~ NO FAILURE

Embracing the idea to think big thoughts. I desire to create a vision that only God can accomplish! To grow this idea and expand the possibilities….this pattern according to Haanel is where creative energy vibrates throughout our being reveals -prayer filled power…applied and developed. The possibilities  manifested  ** bing** Law of Attraction.

So much thought & mental action, with my Higher Power, can bring  a state of limitless! Infinity… all my ideas expand in quantity, quality and size. **bing**  Law of Growth.

Can I stay on this assignment of thinking big? It takes hard labor, work, and integrity to persist… until its accomplished…and only a small amount of time left til class is done!  I decide that no matter what, I am forever grateful for the struggles, the hardships, the opportunities and the possibilities attracted to me. With each breathe I breath,  this ancient air has been breath in every generation …  the great Master & I, have breath the same air!  Peace, Harmony, and Love fill my soul. I confidently walk this journey,  willing  to succeed.  Gratitude    

As in  #14, if you don’t like the picture, destroy the negatives and create a new picture; this is the art of visualization. I begin again, fresh with my vision. Knowing that it’s Spirit driven and Divine I begin with a new picture and design a huge dream that service driven I love myself and life! MY DMP is filled with imagines that I’ve painted hand picked and crafted knowing its the journey I’ve been looking for, the journey within!

Week XX BE the thought in harmony

Week 20

The power to think consecutively and deeply and clearly, is an avowed and deadly enemy to mistakes and blunders, superstitions, unscientific theories, irrational beliefs, unbridled enthusiasm, fanaticism.                                    Haddock

Can you truly be silent within yourself?  Like an owl living one with nature, with it’s environment. This creature existences is always in step with the surroundings; there is a beauty that plays out in the living theater ……..nothing is out of place.
Can you see yourself like this? WHOLE.
Imagine all your actions intuitively creating inspiration similar results…..PERFECT…All POWERFUL.
Peacefully, artistically gliding in stillness, confident in direction of flight.
Ever moving towards a a predetermined goal. STRONG.
True to self, pure in purpose, living fully: LOVING.& HAPPY
Never questioning but always in HARMONY,
                                 ONE with it’s CREATOR!

Week XIX P O W E R

WEEK Nineteen    What a movement this week’s chapter on fear & power has been for me…. I’ve become more conscious of where I’ve have power, where fear has taken away my power, what thoughts can paralyzes, and the vital strength each human being has! Today I experienced movement of my actions and it’s effect within me was totally ‘in my control’….what a wonderful feeling! I can honestly say I’ve played the good girl role for a long time. Not trusting this God given power, being safe, and secure in that position. It’s time to think,   to stay alert;  BE Aware…to CONSCIOUSLY decide I can control myself and where I travel.

I’m beginning to see once I start using my power, I allow my self to have more power. It becomes easier. I’m happier. I do vibrate and attract more of the same! Interesting……..I’m creating more opportunities where I use my power….


Haanell said, “Power is the primary force manifested  through living bodies”  We are all born with power through being alive! We use our power by the actions we take. So then by our human experiences can we walk this ‘Law of Nature” trail either by fate or the by the power of who we truly are made to be? Jump into our self, believe, and to live fully & faithfully!



“What principles govern power? How do you comply with power?” …It is the scientific law:  for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...the more I vibrate , attracting my thoughts to my desire; the more vibrations are attracted to me…And in comply, in agreeing with God… in my power, I, become the person I am designed to be….through His mercy & grace. THEN…..

https://i0.wp.com/calmclassroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/lights-camera-action1.pngWhat am I waiting for?

Week XVIII the Opportunity is NOW

YOU are born for just today! What adjustments do we need to make, to follow our path? Some days are so filled with truths and belief we love it. The incentive this week is to notice what we  pay attention to…choose to concentrate your interest to WHATEVER that is and watch…the circle spiral back to greater attention to greater interest, arousing more attention, producing more interest…see if the circle continues and tell me where it takes YOU!

Week XVIII Revolution is revoling

THOUGHT is being liberated…silently right within our eyes. Do you see it? In Part Eighteen, #1.  states that the world has undergone  a change in thought and we are in the mist of enormous infinite possibilities …..#4. the new civilization brings  vision, faith & service as it’s life line.  It the natural law.

Do you believe it? Where do you FEEL alive? That you make a difference? Grab hold, take the action to get the results you’ve been creative for.