Leading and/or following ?

Mt. Chocorua

Mt. Chocorua

Each time I take this hike I think to myself, “I can’t believe the first time I hiked this mountain- – we lost the trail & we bushwhacked to the summit!”  Imagine that. Breaking trail on a  cold December day,  being young and innocent – mortality wasn’t in our vocabulary.  We hiked successfully to the top and came down ‘the trail’ safely. Now almost 40 years later, I’m AMAZED at having  accomplished this hiking feat,

Mount Chocorua has a “conspicuous & picturesque rocky cone”, which exposes hikers to all elements with no protection on the last 1/4 mile. All hands are needed to scramble up the last granite pitches and at 3,475 feet it towers mountainous  terrain perfectly.

It only took a suggestion by the leader “Well, why don’t we  aim for that rock close to the top and see where we’re at in a couple of hours.” So, faith being our guide,  we check the time and headed towards our goal. Never questioning the decision I followed my trusted leader onward & upward we climbed. Up and up over rocks keeping our focus on our goal. Once, when I  turned a  corner, I looked astonished at the footprint in the snow -a jump away!  Inquiring I asked, “How did you get there?”  “I jumped!”, was the reply.   Hmm, well, that makes sense (??) and I did the same.

I still hike and love it! And know my abilities both physically, emotionally,  mentally, & spiritually.  I know practice makes for perfect performance. I know that common sense has value beyond it’s years. I know as long as I continue to strive towards becoming the best I am leading a new path that has rewards beyond my wildest dreams! And as I’ve relived this journey I realized how much I LOVE to be challenged. So what’s ahead? What’s my next adventure I will pioneer???Made it!!                                SUMMER TIME  view

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