Week FIVE MKMMA “The Creative Age”

What am I building that will last? What do I give to the world I live in? How do I use what I have? What am I claiming through my desires and am I  taking possession of all I’ve been given?Has my destination been limited by not using my creative mind?

As an artist, I’ve freely used my imagination…actually, I didn’t even have to consciously think and “things” would just come to me.   I entered my world of painting and drawing. Sometimes using  shapes, images, and a splash of color as I drew from within myself loving the excitement  I captured expressed on an etching!!  Never did I  noticed that others not having the same experience, it all seemed so natural.

Then as I taught Art, I watched how a child would interpret their world through exploration of their senses. Touching, feeling, and yes, tasting  their way across a wide fabric of art mediums. That joy of being in the moment, of discovery exploring what happens when yellow mixes with blue.  Their accomplishment I describe as the wonder years!  Truly is what life is about.  Taking time to create as the Masters have.  As our Creator did when the universe  began,  that, brings  us all great joy and contentment!

In a blink of the eye, a beauty never before seen is viewed.  A thought is built, a desire possessed, an idea is built. I’ve loved this week treasures. From architectural doorway flows the infinite life  power and from that  firm foundation we persistently practiced painting a entire mental picture of our created world. Each of us are Artist.  We were meant to use our God given creativity and spiritual gifts!

Giving all that we are away…. we’re blessed with strength and  abundantly loved!

5 thoughts on “Week FIVE MKMMA “The Creative Age”

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