Press Release: Local Art Studio visited by World Famous Chef to encourage FITNESS, Food, & ART!

For Immediate Release
April 20, 2016

Contact: Kathleen Johnson
Mountain Art Studio
P O Box 273
W. Ossipee, NH 03890
Phone: 603.986.376

Kathleen Johnson, local business owner of Mountain Art Studio, teaches a variety of Art Classes and has created a revolutionary program called, “What artsy in  FOOD?” Famous English Chef, Jamie Oliver, renown for his crusade against Obesity, joins the Mountain Art Studio in creating a class that not only brings drawing & painting to students but will incorporate learning & preparing nutritious foods to feast upon with their art and hiking adventure.

Artsy Foods Class will end with a 3 day trip in the White Mountains. Students will draw, paint and  design works of art incorporating health and nutrition within the classes.  Then they’ll take their recipes and formulate a table full of rich colorful & delicious  dishes; not only a visual painting but  yummy enough to devour! This class follows the same exact program as other classes taught at the Mountain Studio. The finished Art work is sold and the proceeds make it possible for other students to attend these ongoing creative classes.

In asking Kathy how she thought of such an ‘Artsy Class’ she answered, “I’ve always thought outside the box. From when my own kids where young and we were  homeschooling I  planned trips where education, science,  art, and the outdoors could blend together.

I like to think ‘what would I like to learn?‘ And then make that happen.


5 thoughts on “Press Release: Local Art Studio visited by World Famous Chef to encourage FITNESS, Food, & ART!

  1. I like your idea of combining art and food with children. Presentation is important on the food channel competitions, so it makes sense to get children thinking about food in a different way. Nice job.


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