Week Six My Desire : My Purpose + Faith

In Hannel’s  writing this week, a  look at our THOUGHTS and what it’s attached to.  A vision came to me of the brain in two different modes: a working brain system,  without any real thinking evolving, lowing existence.   Like a plant rooted soundly in dirt and living but not drinking the water provided by it’s Creator !! ……OR  (this is the amazing part)  the brain working in true harmony.  Alive; energy and strength flowing it’s  renewing the Desire. With concentrated thought and cultivated attention as  a place of growth, focus, distinguished character. A PURPOSE beyond self with the FAITH to grow stronger with each obstacles.

WOW……..so I’m working this exercise with diligence and care. Each day taking ten minutes to study a photograph. Building this Power of Attention otherwise called Constructive thinking. Noticing every tiny detail in the picture I picked. A spring skiing day in which we’d stopped for lunch eating in the noonday heat… I detailed how the colors changed with the sunlight reflecting off the yellow ski goggles. The white turtleneck with sleves pushed up a masses of frizzy brown hair after sweating in helmets all morning and tan faces of enjoyment freely given by natural environment!  How many different colors of snow can I see? …and  where there is NO snow – Yikes!  Smells of the last of winter and  welcoming the vibrant expectation of warm temperatures and the coming summer days. An affectionate arm around me, the smile of a sweat, lunch, chocolate.  A day shared with someone I love. I still hear the laughter, the smiles, and  the last of melting snow dripping off the porch.

May my days ahead continue to build my thinking  system that  has distinguish value, character cultivated , and a focus attitude of  LOVE that never ends as I continue this journey within.

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