MKMMA Week Seven Visualizing

From Childhood I grew to what I thought was true. As I’ve grown up I  found not everything I thought about myself was either true or helpful. In this week’s lesson on Visualization is awesome!   I want you to look around and take notice how people’s choices are reflecting what they think about themselves. Are they allowing themselves to feel LOVED? SPECIAL? UNIQUE?  Their opinion of themselves is what they get and their relationship with themselves is the results of their choices.

Can these choices through self-awareness be rebuilt?

Mike, Mary, Julie, and me

Doing something you’ve never MENTAL done before  WITH INTENTION has been awesome! The ASSIGNMENT of making a mental picture of my wants. And doing it with clearness & accuracy because this creates the “illimitable possibilities of ACHIEVEMENT” has been self searching and exciting!!  I’m adding more and more to my mental picture’S’ and loving myself through the process.

Why not try it yourself? Do you SEE  yourself in Love, or hate, in JOY, or resentment, or gratitude or anger? If so, know that today you can choose differently. I’m rooting for YOU! You are only ‘a thought’ away from who you really are!

May your journey today be abounding in Love, truth, kindness, goodness, joy, humility, peace, and self control.

7 thoughts on “MKMMA Week Seven Visualizing

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  2. Amen Kathy!!

    Visualization has truly been the key for me to get through the week last week on into this week. I keep telling myself I am more than my present circumstances and these circumstances do not define who I am as a person and who I am going to be in the near future.

    Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement! I look forward to reading more from you in the future!



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