Week Eight Brain Dieting ~ the IMAGINATION!

I’ve never been one to go on any form of ‘diet’ until  this week. That’s what I’m all  about!! It’s FREE!! It’s full of HARMONY! I’m entertaining it by my actions, taking responsibility and being aware of what I’m thinking. Then making  this: My Song.  The “Song of Joy”.  Its music to me ears!

In my workshop I’m building a creative mental world where  my action is: pumped with  earnest desire from within,  glued with my  imagination,  & developed.  Cultivate daily with exercise that constructs a massive attitude fueled by determination. Seeing colors, shapes, and purpose all part of the puzzle building together!

Think back when you were a kid…Remember those days when you focused on ONE THING: PLAY??? or maybe it was something you dreamed you wanted to do as a kid? or something you kept doing until until it was the way you envisioned it? It had to be ‘THAT WAY’.  Bring back those ‘feelings’ where YOU had the great idea: YOU had to DO IT! Well bring back those juices and drink from THAT cup.

AND   ~  do it!

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