Monadnock Hike Nov 15 2013 037

Greet This Day with Love

My daily reading this pass month has been powerful. Since the beginning of time LOVE has been the focus. It’s power surpasses all other. Liken to the Master Creator who’s love was expressed  in creation!  When unleashed this “unseen power” can open the “hearts of men”.  We all have the opportunity use this “weapon’, this invisible ‘secret’ has changed life’s, changed history, and brought the dead to life; mine included.   No one can “defend against its force when linked with truth and faith. It’s involved, either missing or given in all actions and reactions.

I loved how Og in so few words writes the Second Scroll. The first couple of weeks flew by. Each time I ate the words willingly, looking to digest & apply the imagined thought, the feelings colored and emotions woven into responses to my day.

The questions came:  “How will I greet this day with love in my heart? How will I speak it?” How will I react to the actions of others with it?  How will confront each whom I meet?”

Looking at love in nature I ‘could’ hear “the music of the birds, the wind, the sea!” Wow this IS ‘the secret’.   For protection, I saw how love repelled “all red arrows of hate, black spears of anger, colored adversity & discouragement”! At the same time, love engages  hearts to OPEN! Blossoms and matures….. imagine  having such power.

Ending this chapter I  focus on the love I give myself. “Uplifted in knowledge & wisdom” and fed with “meditation and prayer” I share the love and  it grows abundantly. I see the whole planet covered in love for eternity.

My favorite  greeting was love for all mankind. Hate is gone….all focus is on LOVE. As in the  7 Laws of the Mind,  What you focus on grows. What we forget atrophies.” I have no time for hate. I only have time for ….love”!

Scroll Marker II

Habit & Goal: To live each day  simply with conscious awareness, effort and deliberate actions. The strength in practicing love brings blessings and reward. I succeed with love and always keep my promises.

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