This week the reason to all the little habits assigned like  learning the Natural Laws, adding weekly simple jobs, the shapes and their colors, collages, the readings, and the SITTING   were revealed ! The purpose is  to  interrupt the OLD Blueprint!!  No wonder I had such a week. That’s why my brain  lit UP recognizing how well this was working.  I’m  gaining  understanding into myself….it’s been like reawakening the child within, letting her speak more and reflecting on truth….on purpose:

1. First,  earnestly DESIRE IT ~that has been easy to see! With vivid pictures, colors, it maintains and continually  fuel the  BURNING desire within!

2.Asserting my claim,  my declaration came with my speaking it. I tasted the emotions of well-being, felt the energy of being helpful, experienced the hard work involved growing  my dream,  loving the gratitude  of “NOT looking for anything in return’ daily…
So why had it not taken hold? Why was it not in my hand?

Then BOOM! I was knocked me flat! The brilliancy was  blinding.  I  saw my actions for what had been  and ‘My Thinking’ reflected old truths no longer needed to gain the estate before me.

The HOPE ignited lit the path  of FAITH…reminded of the biblical verse ‘faith without action….’I need is to DO:

3. Take POSSESSION  ~  To grab it! Give myself permission and take the ACTION STEP!   TRUST…….Stay FOCUS, be  responsible for my thoughts, my choices : everything falls into place…………

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