Week TEN Exercising my NEW Blueprint

Having a week off  showed me area’s of internal struggle. The conflict came  and I reflected on ‘nothing happens without a definite cause” and this mantra continued  ringing through my head! Cause effect, effect by what causes? Not to be governed by my EMOTIONS what did I need to APPLY to my thinking? to my ACTIONS? to my voice? Where did I go to find my true joy and peace and purpose?

If Real PEACE is found from within see if this works…………..So I went back to what we’ve practiced for the last two months!! I  sat quietly… daily for 15 minutes , I read my DMP (definite major purpose) and I FOCUSED on my DREAMS and then I added to this ‘calming circle of thought’  that  eyes opened up to what truly was the topping of the cake, the reading of my NEW BLUEPRINT Builder! WOW!

Now, refocused, I moved ahead with MORE determination, more sureness, and the  abundance of building a bigger, hotter DESIRE. I’m free to follow the trail of truth and seeing clearly what actions are required. Looking forward to the friendship, honor, love, and approval that’s ahead as I carry on!!

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