XXII Week Sounds of Silence

Nov 9th 2013 337

Having thoughts is something I truly relate with when I started this MKMMA  and mine where  just like this drawing: coming – going, some developing and some dissipating evaporating like hot air! Then POP, .. another idea came, and this one, just might be THE ONE!! Creativity was what I assumed I was growing. Yes, it grew…. but was it growing MY DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE?  Like never before I have  time,  energy, and  reasons  to jump TOTALLY into what I was created for ~ NOW.

TIME to TRUST is my action…..don’t be satisfied and content with half truth or half joys: LOVE

April 2011 004

My direction is true, fertilized  with the omnipotent, omnipresent of an awesome LOVING God I concentrate on this knowledge. I sit, I pray, I listen,  I wait, and nothing, “N O ~ T H I N G” can stop what IS! A new dawn is awaking……….moving forward, loving today I concentrate letting my vivid mental picture develop.  I love the journey!


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