XIV Week Fourteen …first class!

Shapes! You know them. We’ve used them for the last fourteen weeks to help assist us in our goals, our DMP, and we even drew them on our cards as reminders …. the blue rectangles like windows. Or  yellow squares that can build houses. And how about the powerful green triangle? It’s the strongest  building structure without a doubt. Then I see the most complete, the constant and continuous red CIRCLE! Never stopping always including the area within as rolls along.

For years, I’ve taught Aerobic classes ~  in a circle. It had  a way and a feeling of completeness; unity & whole was the mantra. Such harmony in time,  as we moved, like in a dance together….breathing, in & out. Then cooling down back to a more normal and  natural rhythm. Class done, we all disperse til the following workout…. what was our thought at that moment in time? Our bodies in motion, we had one desire: to EXERCISE! In that space it was harmonious…simple but exhausting too!

 Hannel in Week Fourteen, says: If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing (my paraphrase: NO THING) to interfere with your decision. How can I exercise that concentration to reflect happiness, harmony, and peace?  My thoughts have shapes and they have reflected the issues of my life.  I understand that the past, shaped my thinking, and as I ‘change the  conditions, it  will result in a change of thought’! So I end the week stareing at each flake of snow as it glitters past me…each gust of the wind as the new year begins remembering this week scroll….and LOVING more………”made first class, by first class, and entitled to go first class”………….bring the LOVE,  and in gratefulness ‘to be the love’!

Harmony Photography by Andrea Marco

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