Week XV R2A2 What defines YOU?

In the beginning of class the  common phased repeated  by Mark was “R2A2”. Meaning “RECOGNIZE, RELATE, ASSIMILATE and APPLY”. We’ve heard it many times and seen it applied throughout the weeks… When I saw this video,  I listen to the words & wisdom of Lizzie I knew this was the time to use the R2A2 and let you hear her story!


I heard in this video the creative power of thought and how Lizzie turned every circumstance and each disappointment and she exchanged these negatives into a POSITIVE! How she pushed past the hurt, the hardship refusing to give in to obstacles but used them to encourage, build, and define the beauty from within!

She RELATES her handicaps and assimilates their uniqueness by refusing to accept their difficulties. And using the natural laws to substitute her raw reality into beauty (sowing a seed) reveals the Law of  Growth (what she reaps).  Again replacing what once was thought as dark, ugly, and undesirable into life which shines  with “light and  harmony”.  Exchanging the old way of thinking for the NEW. The old  ideas for the better which bring about a ‘complete thought making it possible to receive only as she gives.’

Her  indispensable & remarkable energy IS impregnated with LOVE! She entertains ONLY ‘desirable thoughts which bring desirable conditions. She has germinated and attracted exactly what she desired. APPLYING her actions, which are  governed by repeated practice, her habits  determine the conscious effort needed to be the person she is & her goals in the life she desires are becoming true!

The true journey: being your own HERO!

Lastly, remember the all-important truth, that a thought containing principle is vital & therefore contains life & consequently takes roots’………’this creative power of thought destroys every manner of discord & limitation!’

“Think truly, and thy thoughts Shall the world’s famine feed; Speak truly, and each word of thine Shall be a fruitful seed; Live truly, and thy life shall be A great and noble creed.”

  Horatio Bonar

6 thoughts on “Week XV R2A2 What defines YOU?

  1. Lizzie is an amazing and inspiring hound lady. She overcome all the negative feedback in her life to become the loving and accomplished person she is today. That is the journey we are all on…. To grow and become a better person. Thank you for sharing this video Kathleen. Hope you come back to the MKMMA


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