Week XVII Kindness


With heighten awareness, I noticed an outpouring of love and benevolence all because of the assignment to give & observe   ‘KINDNESS’! First I thought, “How can I give kindness? What does it mean? Where can I be intentional with it? What was the kindist thing anyone had ever done for me? Or that I had done for some else?

This week  I was honest & loving in my conversation with people. Small acts of kindness were performed…   I was sympathetic and comforting on the phone when called this week & problems were voiced. I listened to their burdens and hardship with empathy and compassion.  I desired to promote their prosperity & happiness in my offering to help them.  What topped the cake was doing good without anyone’s knowledge. All in secret!

In giving more kindness, kindness doubled in what I received, WOW! The cause was clear & driven by determined actions. It’s effect unbelievable…ever hear “You can’t out-give God!” ?          So much gratitude overflowed in me, it grew my love for others!

KINDNESS was manifested around the globe this week in my MKMMA Class and I’m beginning to understand the meaning of what MKMMA is about…..working with like-minded individuals for the greater good of each person!

14 thoughts on “Week XVII Kindness

  1. I have heard before and truly believe we cannot out-give God. When proven through such an exercise as expressing kindness it results in an abundance of joy. I agree it is wonderful to be a part of such a movement. Great post! Thanks.


  2. Nice work! You have benefited from our service this week focusing on kindness…And i might add the listening…
    Thank you for sharing your experience with that…I loved the comment that you can not out give God! Great way to focus on the trueness of things..Great sharing 🙂


  3. Kathleen, wasn’t our experienceswith the week of kindess the coolest ever? I definitely found myself paying closer attention to my actions and those of others this past week. I’m happy that we could all do this together.


  4. I am absolutely blessed to have read your blog. I loved the part when you said what you gave you received twice as much. God’s Word NEVER cones back void.
    Blessed. Keep sharing girl.


  5. God’s gift of kindness is best shown by people sharing the kindness to one another. If we would all share his kindness what a wonderful world this would be. I’d like to think it could be contagious. Maybe it will in time.


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