Week XVIII Revolution is revoling

THOUGHT is being liberated…silently right within our eyes. Do you see it? In Part Eighteen, #1.  states that the world has undergone  a change in thought and we are in the mist of enormous infinite possibilities …..#4. the new civilization brings  vision, faith & service as it’s life line.  It the natural law.

Do you believe it? Where do you FEEL alive? That you make a difference? Grab hold, take the action to get the results you’ve been creative for.

7 thoughts on “Week XVIII Revolution is revoling

  1. Caught up in the 50th anniversary of the Beatles, I see, excellent choice! Revolution was the perfect song to express change in thought and I am so happy that I was a 14 year old 50 years ago. Lived through some turbulent rockin’ times, and the times, they were a changin’!


  2. Yeah, me too! I’m amazed how what happen then was part of what makes MKMMA today, studies so real-…do people SEE this today? Like in the early 1900s did they really live IN the moment? Think? Or react to their circumstances? Survive. Or both?


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