Week XVIII the Opportunity is NOW

YOU are born for just today! What adjustments do we need to make, to follow our path? Some days are so filled with truths and belief we love it. The incentive this week is to notice what we  pay attention to…choose to concentrate your interest to WHATEVER that is and watch…the circle spiral back to greater attention to greater interest, arousing more attention, producing more interest…see if the circle continues and tell me where it takes YOU!

4 thoughts on “Week XVIII the Opportunity is NOW

  1. We all must make adjustments, we must do what is necessary to win. The Olympians, whether they be in Sochi, in the ParaOlympics or the special Olympics are to be admired for their grit and determination.


  2. Fascinating ! Anything another human being has achieved…We are capable of achieving also. I see your future and it looks Great. I just had a revelation, everything around me is alive..and…Its not all about me.


  3. The Olympics are inspirational as it shows what can be achieved with perseverance, strength, focus and the willingness to succeed. Whatever we are choosing as an individual, it is as important an achievement as the athletes that work to be in the Olympics. It is not just those who make it that are achievers, it is those that make the efforts and work for the same end, but yet do not go to the actual Olympic games.


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