Week XIX P O W E R

WEEK Nineteen    What a movement this week’s chapter on fear & power has been for me…. I’ve become more conscious of where I’ve have power, where fear has taken away my power, what thoughts can paralyzes, and the vital strength each human being has! Today I experienced movement of my actions and it’s effect within me was totally ‘in my control’….what a wonderful feeling! I can honestly say I’ve played the good girl role for a long time. Not trusting this God given power, being safe, and secure in that position. It’s time to think,   to stay alert;  BE Aware…to CONSCIOUSLY decide I can control myself and where I travel.

I’m beginning to see once I start using my power, I allow my self to have more power. It becomes easier. I’m happier. I do vibrate and attract more of the same! Interesting……..I’m creating more opportunities where I use my power….


Haanell said, “Power is the primary force manifested  through living bodies”  We are all born with power through being alive! We use our power by the actions we take. So then by our human experiences can we walk this ‘Law of Nature” trail either by fate or the by the power of who we truly are made to be? Jump into our self, believe, and to live fully & faithfully!



“What principles govern power? How do you comply with power?” …It is the scientific law:  for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...the more I vibrate , attracting my thoughts to my desire; the more vibrations are attracted to me…And in comply, in agreeing with God… in my power, I, become the person I am designed to be….through His mercy & grace. THEN…..

https://i1.wp.com/calmclassroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/lights-camera-action1.pngWhat am I waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Week XIX P O W E R

  1. Good to see your blog today. Excellent thinking, thought is power! I don’t believe you are waiting…I think you have stepped up. Congratulations.

    Kathleen, your posts don’t appear until a week after their posted date. You might want to figure that one out.


  2. What are you waiting for? What am I and countless others waiting for. It is so very exciting to expand our understanding of not only our power (by way of association with God) but also knowing principles and practices that facilitate our success along our personal journeys. Keep taking action!!


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