Week XX BE the thought in harmony

Week 20

The power to think consecutively and deeply and clearly, is an avowed and deadly enemy to mistakes and blunders, superstitions, unscientific theories, irrational beliefs, unbridled enthusiasm, fanaticism.                                    Haddock

Can you truly be silent within yourself?  Like an owl living one with nature, with it’s environment. This creature existences is always in step with the surroundings; there is a beauty that plays out in the living theater ……..nothing is out of place.
Can you see yourself like this? WHOLE.
Imagine all your actions intuitively creating inspiration similar results…..PERFECT…All POWERFUL.
Peacefully, artistically gliding in stillness, confident in direction of flight.
Ever moving towards a a predetermined goal. STRONG.
True to self, pure in purpose, living fully: LOVING.& HAPPY
Never questioning but always in HARMONY,
                                 ONE with it’s CREATOR!

4 thoughts on “Week XX BE the thought in harmony

  1. The opening statement of this post is one of my favorite statements in our reading…a very powerful one indeed. Thanks for highlighting it. Also, I loved the Jason Nelson video. I’m wondering how you included the link in your blog–technically because only the link showed up not the actual video to click on???


    • Thank you. Yes, I couldn’t figure that out myself Celeste. I did it the normal way but this was what I got, twice! So I went with it.

      Wasn’t Jason’s song a beautiful!!? I take a moment daily and read Acts 17:28 and then listen to his song and it stays w/ me all day long.


  2. My focus is at the other end: At One with your creator… such a powerful sentence.

    It means you are secure, safe, and able to focus on the needs of the moment without the distractions of worry, fear, and self-consiousness…

    god work


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