Week 22A the wheel within

The Great Isaiah Scroll from Qumran

In Og Mandino’s, Scroll # IV, the statement reads  ‘I  master my  emotion’. Like the calendar of seasons and even nature our emotions may rise, wane, or fade. But the one truth about these moods, like the weather, they change from one moment to another.  The hope to remember is, no matter how extreme the FEELINGS, they pass and may bring in unsurpassing high of joy. In patient bring much wisdom.

Be the observer of what I’m thinking: I control my emotions.

How do I make each and every day productive? “Unless my mood is right, the day will be a failure.  I make my own weather within me”. What emotion am I choosing to partner with? I can bring joy, enthusiasm, brightness & laughter and my harvest will reap what I sow!

May this awareness of my responsibility be always visible.

Today I master my emotions.

“Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. I follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity & failure–” Remember there is an opposite mood that is contrary to it. Like Depressed would be to Singing. Saddness is to Laughter,  if feelings of ill then take action & double my labor, if poverty think of wealth to come. Never relinquish my control– NO EXCUSE.

Realize the opposite emotions may be present, where I act in overindulgence, complacency, feelings of all-powerful, or wealth, pride & feelis of invincible! Here I use humility, service, and gratitude to rule… and in this day I master my emotions.

Lastly, I make allowances for others. For their anger, their reactions as a irritation or insults for they know not “the secret of controlling their mind.” And remember, I know tomorrow they may change their mind….and “be a joy to approach.”

Recognize, identify, and be prepared in my daily personal awakenings, in this, I master my moods and positive action is my source of power…with it, I control my destiny. In this control I become master of myself. I become great.

4 thoughts on “Week 22A the wheel within

    • Thanks….growing up with examples otherwise, years ago I learned what true responsibility was!!
      this is a great scroll, as we observe ourself notice our EMOTIONS! when not in sink! it only takes a thought “and” bing! everything is coming up roses!


  1. Kuai chang… there are two kinds of strengths. The outer strength is obvious: it fades with age and succumbs to sickness. Then there is the ch’i, the inner strength. Everyone possesses it, too. But it is indeed much more difficult to develop. The inner strength lasts through every heat and every cold. Through old age and beyond. — Master Kan (from the Kung Fu series)

    Kudo’s on developing your Ch’i…


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