About Me

“I was the child that everyone wondered, where does she get her energy? Being the third child out of six, I was blessed with what people call the “Lefty” kid. I liked the descriptive noun: the artistic one….. Yes, that is being left-handed. I found that I had privileges no else in my family had and I LOVED IT!!  This  uniqueness helped me when things were tough and inspired me to work hard when it was needed.

From studying Art at MSU, I went  to New Hampshire and the White Mountains. Walked into a job after hiking a week. Soaking wet I took the job and returned the following week which was the start of my “mountain life’. Met my Mountain Man and together we had three grown boys which I home-schooled for many years. This helped me move into self-confidence, seeing I could do more in my life and why I love being involved in new visions and exploring all that I am.

In the eyes of an artist, the beauty surrounds me. I love teaching , learning, sharing, and at my best when I’m creating! What God’s very nature shows me daily…..It’s great to enjoy the world we live in and I look forward to being all that I am, helping others,  and sharing the love from within, and making a difference one by one”

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kathleen, I have the privilege of following you these next four weeks! I, too, am a special lefty, as was my dad. Artistic also and the mother of three grown sons with five grandsons and one granddaughter! Thank goodness! Looking forward to future excerpts from you. Hope all is well.


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