Week XXI To live by ~ NO FAILURE

Embracing the idea to think big thoughts. I desire to create a vision that only God can accomplish! To grow this idea and expand the possibilities….this pattern according to Haanel is where creative energy vibrates throughout our being reveals -prayer filled power…applied and developed. The possibilities  manifested  ** bing** Law of Attraction.

So much thought & mental action, with my Higher Power, can bring  a state of limitless! Infinity… all my ideas expand in quantity, quality and size. **bing**  Law of Growth.

Can I stay on this assignment of thinking big? It takes hard labor, work, and integrity to persist… until its accomplished…and only a small amount of time left til class is done!  I decide that no matter what, I am forever grateful for the struggles, the hardships, the opportunities and the possibilities attracted to me. With each breathe I breath,  this ancient air has been breath in every generation …  the great Master & I, have breath the same air!  Peace, Harmony, and Love fill my soul. I confidently walk this journey,  willing  to succeed.  Gratitude    

As in  #14, if you don’t like the picture, destroy the negatives and create a new picture; this is the art of visualization. I begin again, fresh with my vision. Knowing that it’s Spirit driven and Divine I begin with a new picture and design a huge dream that service driven I love myself and life! MY DMP is filled with imagines that I’ve painted hand picked and crafted knowing its the journey I’ve been looking for, the journey within!

1 thought on “Week XXI To live by ~ NO FAILURE

  1. No Failure…Limitless…Gratitude…all terrific ideas/principles to live by. And indeed life is a gift (as your posted photo says)…a truly wonderful gift that is our charge to make the most of. Although Ben Carson is not one of my favorite persons these days I love this message. Thanks for sharing. Continued favor.


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